Freelancers: How to find new clients

There has been a lot of press coverage lately around freelancers. IPSE released data in February that shows London has the highest level of freelancers. IPSE reported that are 2 million freelancers in the UK, and 21% of them live in Greater London. Their report also found that since 2008 the number of freelancers has grown by a staggering 59%.

We have talked to numerous freelancers over the years and they all say that they love the freelancing lifestyle, particularly having the freedom to work with different clients on varying projects and having the option to earn more money working less hours.

If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer the chances are that the main thought on your mind is how I am going to make money.

The solution is to find the right clients.

Sound’s easy doesn’t it! Follow our tips and it should be:

Contact your contacts

You may see no value in your reaching out to your contacts but they should be the first people you reach out to, including family and friends.

Once you have decided to go freelance, put together a letter or email explaining that you are working for yourself and outline what services you are offering.

You can send this letter or email out before you quit your job, and fit in some freelance work around your job.

If your friends and family do have some work for you, consider reducing your rates or even doing some work for free in return for showcasing the work on your portfolio and getting a testimonial from them.

Network, network, network

We all hate doing it, but if you want to become a successful freelancer, you will have to view it as a necessary evil.

The tip to successful networking is to go into a networking event with no agenda. See it as an opportunity to meet people, have a chat and possibly get their contact details.

Identifying the right networking events to attend is key. There are so many different types that you don’t want to spend hours at events that have connection to the industries you cover.

Connect with other freelancers

Connecting to people who may possibly be your competition does sound strange. But, they can be a source of work.

A freelancer may take on a large project and find they need to outsource some of it to another freelancer. If they think that you can do, they could send it your way.

Search social media

Having a presence on social media is a must for freelancers. You don’t have to have a profile on every channel. Instead, pick the ones that you are comfortable with, or know best. It is more constructive to focus your efforts on 2/3 channels. If you have more than this it can become unmanageable.

As well as posting on social media, make use of their search functions.

Individuals and businesses frequently post that they are looking for freelancers and by typing this into the search box you could find opportunities that are relevant to you.

Establish your own brand

The freelance industry is very competitive and there are numerous other freelancers who will be offering a similar service to you.

Creating your own personal brand will help you stand out in the marketplace and help with finding clients.

If you don’t have the resources to create your own website, use a free hosting site to create an online portfolio. Clients will ask to see examples of your work and an online portfolio is the most professional way to display it.

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