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Man from the year 2045 reveals who will be president after passing lie detector test

A time traveller, claiming to be from the year 2045, has passed a lie detector test, which some say proves that he is indeed from the future.

The unnamed man agreed to take part in a filmed lie detector test with Apex TV in America to prove that his story was the truth and surprised audiences when the machine indicated that he was not lying.

Relaying messages from the apparent future, the man confirms several key events in the years to come and revealed that the US president in 2045 is considered the “greatest president” the country has ever had.

Claiming to have been born at the end of 2019, the man said that in the year that he travelled from humanity had made it’s first contact with aliens and that he had a microchip implanted in his hand called The One.

Not stopping there, Apex TV then asked whether dinosaurs had been cloned, to which he said that there were dinosaur zoos, adding: “If they existed, you can see them.”

But what about the future great Commander in Chief. The anonymous time traveller said that Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King, was in power.

Aged just 10, the descendant of the great civil rights leader has already taken to the public stage last year, addressing crowds of thousands in Washington on the issue of gun control.

Throughout his interview, the unidentified man successfully answered all questions in an apparently truthful fashion.