The love of freelancing

We were lucky enough to take part in a live Twitter chat organised by Freelancing Women and Talented Ladies Club to celebrate International Women’s Day. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with women freelancers. The main thing that stood out for us was the enthusiasm and passion they have for freelancing.

Freelancers from different sectors were present on the chat but they had one thing in common: they love what they do and would not turn their back on freelancing.

In this article we cover the main points discussed in the chat and reveal some simple but effective top tips.

Building a personal brand is vital 

What is it that makes you different? What is your USP?

It is worth spending some time determining what these are. It could be that you have knowledge or experience in a certain sector or with a particular software. Whatever it is, this should be at the heart of your personal brand.

Communicating your USP through a professional brand image is the next step in the process. This could include getting business cards printed, setting up a website and building a following on social media.

Top tip: Register yourself on a SEO driven directory and were recommended.

Stand head and shoulders above the competition

In a crowded marketplace getting a client to notice you is difficult. Most freelancers’ work comes from word of mouth recommendations. Delivering the client what they asked for (and more if possible) on time and budget will do more for your building reputation than any marketing campaign could.

Top tip: Don’t be shy in asking the client to recommend you to others. If you have done a good job they shouldn’t have a problem doing this.

Dealing with clients expectations

Some clients can be tricky: they expect to receive gold when they only have the budget for bronze! How do you manage this? Be upfront and honest from the start: explain what you can and can’t do, explain what you are doing is right (they are paying for your expertise), show examples of your work and agree on what is to be done at the outset.

Top tip: Ask the client to send you some examples of work they like.

Think about the long term

As a freelancer it can be difficult to plan for the future, as work is often ad-hoc. However, this shouldn’t stop you thinking about the long term and having some sort of revenue target that you want to reach. Carry out a quarterly review of work that you have done to see if there are areas where you could have made savings. Or, speak to other freelancers to see if you can collaborate together so you can work on bigger projects.

Top tip: Know your profit level and keep good accounts! It’s your business you should know how much money you are making.

A passion for your work results in great projects being delivered and a happy balance between your work and personal life. What is there not to love about freelancing. 

If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer and need advice on how to go about this, speak to our team today who will be delighted to explain the different options available to you.