Indian army discover Yeti footprints

Officials from India’s army have posted images online of what they purport to be the footprints of the famous, mythical Yeti.

Sometimes referred to as the abominable snowman, the cryptid creature is part of Nepalese folklore and is said to live high in the snow-covered Himalayas.

Posting the images to Twitter, the Indian army said the footprints, which measured around 32×15 inches, were discovered by members of the army’s mountaineering expedition team close to a camp near Mount Makalu.

Discovered on 9 April, officials are now awaiting expert confirmation that they have found the legendary creature, but Twitter users haven’t been quite so kind, with many mocking the post.

Stories of the Yeti were first shared with European climbers in the 1920s by their Nepalese guides and Sherpas. At the time, many believed that the creature could be real, so much so that Sir Edmund Hillary went looking for the creature during his expeditions in the Himalayas.

Since then there have been numerous sightings of the beast and it‘s footprints, including in 2008 when Japanese climbers claimed to have seen footprints in Western Nepal.

Despite all this, the scientific community remain unconvinced and no concrete evidence of the Yeti’s existence has been found to date.