Closed comedy club raided by police due to mix-up

The rather ironically named Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool was raided by police after someone accidentally reported that a live show was happening during the Coronavirus lockdown when instead the club was streaming old shows on social media.

Around 20 police officers showed up to the venue expecting to find a show in full swing but instead found the doors locked and the club empty.

The Hot Water Comedy Club had been streaming a previous show from the 7th March, which showed a packed audience, which one online viewer clearly mistook for a live show.

Under the COVID-19 ‘Stay at Home’ guidance released by the Government, large gatherings and events are not permitted.

Paul Blair, one of the owners of the club, told Sky News that the event – hosted by comedian Paul Smith – had been “clearly” advertised on social media as having already taken place.

He said he was only made aware of the raid when his brother and co-owner had alerted him to what happened. Paul said: “I was really surprised. The first we heard about it was when we got a call from the convenience store next door, saying a full police squad had turned up at the club. I looked at our CCTV and saw about 20 police officers outside.”

CCTV Footage from the raid can be found on the club’s twitter feed by clicking here.