And finally…

A group of scientists have made bold claims that humanoid aliens are likely to have walked alongside our ancient ancestors in Peru.

The news follows an extensive ‘re-examination’ of the mummified remains of three humanoid bodies found near the Peruvian city of Navca last year, which were previously dismissed as ‘a sick hoax’ by archaeologists and other experts.

The ‘alien-like’ bodies, which have ‘three fingers and three toes’, were originally identified as a hodgepodge of genuine mummified human remains which had been ‘mutilated and re-arranged’ by grave-robbing pranksters.

At the time, organisers of the World Congress on Mummy Studies were so shocked, they took to social media calling for an official enquiry into whether crimes had been committed against archaeology.

Since then, however, a separate group of scientists, which include Peruvian radiologist Dr Raymundo Salas Alfaro, have carried out further tests on the controversial ‘bodies’ – and claim to have reached a very different conclusion.

After carrying out a CAT scan on the remains, Dr Alfaro said that the bone density of the subjects indicated that the “three small specimens” were once “living beings.”

“We can scientifically prove the skull of these creatures have a cranial cavity similar to humans, but they have some strong differences,” he said.

Meanwhile, following extensive DNA tests on one of the subjects, fellow research team member, Dr Konstantin Korotkov, said: “There is no doubt the three fingers and three toes belong to this body.”

A Mexican journalist working for the team added that they almost had “enough evidence to consider this case real.”

Elsewhere, other scientists have indicated that they still believe the ‘bodies’ to be a hoax.