And finally…

As the old saying goes, unseasoned travellers often feel inclined to take absolutely everything with them on holiday, ‘even the kitchen sink’.

But when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stepped off the plane in Singapore to meet US President Donald Trump earlier this month, he had a very different household item in tow.

According to Sky News, the North Korean dictator’s transport plane was packed full of food, supplies and even a bulletproof limousine. But Kim also felt inclined to bring along a much more personal item to the Singapore summit – his very own portable toilet.

Reports suggest that the instantly-recognisable world leader came equipped with a portable device designed to “deny determined sewer-divers insights into the supreme leader’s stools” during his time spent away from North Korean soil.

According to The Sun, the portable latrine was one of many measures taken by Kim and his bodyguards to ensure utmost security, for fear that spies might analyse his stools in an effort to check-up on his health.