And finally…

For a small sum of just £6.7 million, high-end travellers will be able to stay at the world’s first ‘luxury hotel in space’ from the year 2022 onwards, it has been revealed.

During the Space 2.0 summit in California last month, astronomers and developers unveiled the hotly-anticipated Aurora Station project, which will open in 2021 and host its first guests the following year.

Wealthy tourists looking for an intergalactic getaway will be able to visit a floating hotel high above the earth’s atmosphere in groups of four, accompanied by two crew members who will take care of the more technical aspects of their 12-day stay.

Visitors will be able to enjoy sea, land and space views from their room. The hotel also offers state-of-art amenities, such as zero-gravity virtual reality (VR) games and high-speed WiFi –so visitors won’t have to wait until they get home to upload their space-age holiday snaps to Facebook.

Frank Bunger, CEO and founder of Orion Span, the team behind Aurora Station, said that the project would help to bring “travellers into space quicker and at a lower price point than ever seen before.”

Interested parties ought to get in touch with Mr Bunger and his associates ASAP, as demand is strong and a £57,000 deposit is required to secure an advance booking!