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Testimonial: Retired

“Unconditional approbation for the team especially Sam who, a few years before my company closed down, foresaw how to flexibly store funds and – in a tax efficient way – make up for the appalling lack of returns from previous pension funds. Without that advice, I would now be on short commons, with it, I am comfortable with a multitude of pension options and enough time to live off money released from my company liquidation, whilst I sort things out.

I’d advise everyone to listen to these experts very carefully – it is amazing how quickly the last few years of working can be so hectic and as a result, putting money aside can be ‘put off one more year’. If it weren’t for the great advice I was given, I would be in a mess, but with their years of support, I am ok, there is that much difference.

I cannot stress enough that a bit of last minute (well ok, a few years) planning based on the team’s good advice is worth a fortune, and it doesn’t take much effort to listen to people who really know what they are doing. As always, best wishes and thanks to all them and thanks for their efficiency, truly you get what it says on the tin!”

Bob Dowd, Retired.

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