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Mark Dowling.

Mark Dowling

Account Manager

Mark has been with the team since 2002 (seems like a lifetime to him!) starting out as Office Junior and over the years, his role has changed with progression, hard work and determination. However, one aspect that has remained the same is the passion to provide a service that is hard to find elsewhere. Whether it be speaking with clients on a daily basis regarding a wide array of topics or perhaps a more in-depth financial plan for the future, whatever it may be, Mark finds it important to listen to what is being asked and go the extra mile in order to provide an outstanding service. Mark firmly believes that if clients are happy then he is happy knowing that he has provided the best possible service.

Some things about Mark:

  • Mark has been working alongside his twin brother Adam for the past 12 years (opposite in fact!) which provides them with the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, have the odd chat and laugh during the day… and surprise surprise, even after all this time, their colleagues still get them mixed up!
  • In his spare time, Mark partakes in the odd adrenalin-filled activity – extreme adventures in Norfolk climbing through tree top rope courses or flying down the Eden skywire, (faster, scarier the better he reckons!).
  • If he is not swinging from the trees, Mark’s enjoying the petrol head car meets, be it the Chelsea Crouse or the Ace café. His dream car would have to be 1960’s Camaro SS super sport.
  • Mark is also a DIY specialist… that is, until it goes wrong! He built a penny falls machine which turned out to be rather good (to the surprise of his wife), so good in fact he gave it to his nephew as a present… the downside being, one year on, he’s still attempting to fit his new kitchen!

If you would like to contact Mark:

020 8952 2234

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