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Jeremy De Lord

Admin Manager / Account Manager

A fresh-faced Jeremy shot to fame in 1993 after 5 years of blood, sweat and mainly tears (which included a much happier gap year) that saw him graduate from uni with a Business degree (and a postgrad in Tourism Development for what it’s worth). Subsequently, from an attic in a leafy street in Hampstead Garden Suburb, he went on to help establish the unique concept and worldwide phenomenon that is known as Fantasy Football for The Times, Daily Telegraph and BBC Sport Online including keeping Frank Skinner and David Baddiel in line on the TV shows. 11 years later, a complete career change saw him trying his hand at running the Admin Dept within the team and yes, another 11 years on, here we are today!!

Dabbling in the Marketing game and the first port of call in the new client ‘Meet & Greet’ side of the business, he very much enjoys his key role within the company. Most clients refer to him as Cogent’s ‘Jack of all trades’ (always willing to help) and never ‘Master of none’… or so he likes to think!

Things you didn’t (and never really wanted to) know about Jeremy but were afraid to ask:

  • Jeremy was born a mere 643 yards from where he currently sits at his desk at Cogent HQ… and on the odd day, he’s still been found crawling into the office!
  • During the 1983/84 season of his youth, a young (and some say talented!) teenaged Jeremy auditioned for a singing part to star in the West End musical Chess alongside none other than Elaine Paige OBE (she wasn’t then but is now)… that was until his voice broke and wrecked his big dream, but he still likes to think that Elaine’s No1 duet with Barbara Dickson ‘I Know Him So Well’ from the show was about him!!
  • Even though he very briefly appeared in a cameo role alongside Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich and Rene Russo in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘In The Line Of Fire’ (the scene at Washington’s Dulles airport – look out for him, blue blazer), Jeremy still maintains that his favourite movies of all time are Trading Places and Die Hards 1 & 2 (depending on his mood, worn out DVDs, you get the picture).
  • He has been a resident singer on Molineux’s South Bank, Wolverhampton for over 25 years… and yet, only had the chance to sing “We Are Premier League” for 4 years of that reign.
  • Even though Jeremy DJ-ed his way to fame in the ‘Acid’ House era of 88-92 (aka DJ JerryD, ps. don’t Google him, he went undercover!), he is now known to be more comfortable tapping his toe(s) to the likes of The Boss and Ol’ Blues Eyes… ah, Springsteen and Sinatra (aka SAS), what a perfect combination!!

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