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Carolyn Popkin

Receptionist / Admin Assistant

Carolyn’s is the first voice you’ll hear when you call Cogent in the morning, as funnily enough she works on reception. Away from the phones, you may find her with an Allen key tightening any loose screws on the office furniture or opening the post (tricky with an Allen key!). Carolyn’s background is in Admin. She was born and raised in Enfield, North London and after university, she worked for several years in local government revenue departments.

Carolyn only works in the mornings (and a little bit in the afternoon) so that she can get back home to walk her extremely long-legged dog, Max (quite an apt name wouldn’t you agree?). Her garden is her hobby and she spends as much time as she is able tending to the flowers and vegetables. She has been known to share her spare plants with other gardeners within the team. Carolyn also enjoys travelling on holiday with her family, and even though they tend to stick to the northern hemisphere, she would absolutely love to visit New Zealand (especially if her holiday entitlement doubled!).

Some things about Carolyn:

  • Carolyn loves going for long walks on the coast – shame there are none around here!
  • She has two grown up daughters.
  • Her dog, Max, would rather lie on the sofa than play or go for a walk (unless it’s on the coast!).

If you would like to contact Carolyn:

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