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Adam Dowling.

Adam Dowling

Account Manager

Adam has been working for the team for about 12 years now, after being persuaded to join the team by his twin brother Mark to inject some young blood into the company. He started off doing various junior roles but as time has gone on, his roles have progressed, becoming more varied and involved. As a team player, Adam strives to give a more personal service, so rather than be considered as an Account Manager, he really sees himself as a Relationship Manager (not the dating type mind you!), providing clients with solutions to a vast array of weird and wonderful queries. Generally, Adam believes that problems are just a solution waiting to be found, but if he cannot find the solution right away, he will seek expert advice which usually results in an answer.

Aside from Monday mornings, Adam would describe himself as being friendly, easy-going and generally a great member of the team who works hard but likes to have a laugh… he actually does laugh while he works! He is married and has a young son who makes sure that all of his spare time is more than taken care of.

Some things about Adam:

  • Adam is 10 minutes younger than his work colleague and twin brother Mark… which he says shines through with his looks!
  • He has zipped across the longest zip wire in England at the world renowned Eden Project at a massive 660 metres long with speeds reaching up to 60mph.
  • Football (especially Arsenal) is a huge part of Adam’s life… not least as his son lives and breathes everything Arsenal.
  • He would like to go to the Cook Islands one day and also drive along Route 66 in an old American muscle car… with breakdown cover obviously!
  • Adam has swam with sharks and dolphins… not at the same time and it must be pointed out that the sharks were well fed so didn’t give him a second look!

If you would like to contact Adam:

020 8952 2234

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